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Ministry of Infrastructure

Ministry of Infrastructure

The main activity areas of the Ministry of Infrastructure cover the issues related to road, rail, maritime and air transport and telecommunication.

The Ministry of Infrastructure places great emphasis on the development of the domestic road infrastructure network.

The Ministry is also responsible for the issues related to the provisions of road traffic, road safety and the conditions for the execution of transport.

The tasks of the Ministry of Infrastructure also cover the execution of issues in the scope of construction and architecture, housing policy and management, spatial management and development support and the revitalization of cities as well as state aid in the repayment of housing credits. The priority of this activity is to break the torpor in construction, especially in housing construction.

The Ministry of Infrastructure executes the ownership supervision over PKP S.A. and PKP PLK S.A. and executes the activity related to the supervision of the implementation of the restructuring process of PKP S.A.

Within the air transport industry, due to the activities of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Poland has opened itself to inexpensive carriers. Due to the liberalization of air contracts, one may utilize many connections to various European cities.

The Ministry of Infrastructure also participates in the creation of state telecommunication policy and in particular, its economic aspects, including those related to the market development for an IT informed society. The department is currently drawing up assumptions and programs for policy implementation regarding telecommunication techniques and is executing material supervision of the entire range of issues, including those related to the infrastructure for the needs of an information society.

The Ministry places particular emphasis on the formation of suitable conditions for access development to the internet and on inexpensive, fast and modern data communication networks based on radio, which are of great significance in poorly-urbanized areas.

The competences of the Ministry of Infrastructure also cover the issues of maritime transport, maritime ports and marinas, including port infrastructure and the issuing of inland water transport.


Ministry of Infrastructure

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The BEEN project is part-financed by the European Union (EU). Lead partner is the Berlin Government, Senate Department for Urban Development, Germany. The project is organized by the project coordinator:

- Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) e.V.
- Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa (IWO) e.V.
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